• China (sichuan) the first forest kang have the annual meeting

    Sponsored by sichuan provincial "China the first forest (sichuan), raising the annual meeting of the" opened on April 1, the "best of forest, keep the destination" network elected as an important part of this activity since July 6, on the Internet for 10 days of netizens to vote.

  • Tianquan county government leadership to the investigations of the scenic spot

    For field understand horn river scenic area reconstruction, tianquan Deng Ping, tianquan county tourism bureau chief li, deputy head of a line on June 3, 2015 to horn river scenic spot field investigation.

  • China's landscape photography network signed two horn (mountain river scenic spots

    China's landscape photography network "two horn (mountain river scenic spots" guest reception.Horn river scenic area adjacent to south mountain scenic area, is the giant panda, wildebeests, sichuan golden monkey, deer, dovetree provincial nature reserve, rare animals and plants is given priority to.

  • Labehe scenic mountain water skiing slipped

    Horn river scenic area through the earthquake, the impact of the heavy rain, the disaster without blocking the rhythm of the horn river development, now the horn river scenic mountain water skiing project has been completed, can be put into use.

  • Labahe added a new project Fun camping in the open air

    Labahe scenic area new camp in recently, the camping area is situated at an elevation of 1900 meters of the top platform