Labahe Introduction

Nov 13, 2015 3:57:04 PM    Author: Labahe

Sichuan province, yaan, tianquan river mountain horn tourist resort in 2010 into the period of 1 year closed construction, by tianquan mountain ecological tourism development co., LTD., invested 100 million yuan to a new scenic spot, temporarily not tourists.Scenic spots will be reopened in 2011, at that time, a "sambar culture" as the core of tourism holiday resort, would become the third generation classic scenic parks.

Er Lang Mountain resort is a national forest park, one of the tourism scenic area in sichuan province, is located in the world natural heritage "sichuan panda habitat" core area, the mystery of the north latitude 30 ° through the scenic area, scenic area of 977 square kilometers.Rich animal and plant resources in the scenic area, therefore the scenic spot in 2009, invited Beijing davos peak tourism planning and design institute for scenic spot planning, and in 2010 passed the expert evaluation on March 15.

In order to improve the quality of the river resort er lang mountain horn, detailed planning in addition to the original scenic reception facilities to transform and upgrade, the new added to 3000 meters mountain water skiing, 30 kilometers rafting, landscape avenue, road base, giant salamander, 20 kilometers (giant salamander), ecological breeding base, caravan tour, wildlife online participatory interactive projects, etc.

Reopened in 2011 er lang mountain horn river resort will be shown with new look in front of the world!