Tianquan county government leadership to the investigations of the scenic spot

Jun 4, 2015 6:47:00 PM    Author: labahe

For field understand horn river scenic area reconstruction, tianquan Deng Ping, tianquan county tourism bureau chief li, deputy head of a line on June 3, 2015 to horn river scenic spot field investigation.Huang Dajiang deng county line, in the company general manager, deputy general manager xie hai yan, general manager assistant, peng, accompanied by the far east, respectively for Song Guping, HeTaoPing, blue crystal and cableway construction projects in the field.Then, in life is music hotel held A meeting in A conference room on the third floor, yellow total scenic area was introduced in detail the propulsion and timing of project arrangement, and put forward the existing difficulties and request to solve the problem.After listening to yellow total report, li, director of the construction of scenic spot obstacles, on the spirit of given the affirmation and praise, she called for the county various related functional departments should actively play a role, for the scenic area construction.

Next, deng county made a concluding speech.First, she reviewed the past prosperity and development of the scenic spot.She points out that the development of the scenic area is still relatively distress, but also base and ability to revive.Have the confidence and determination, through the joint efforts of enterprises and the county government, horn river scenic area will become one of ya 'an tourism pacesetter and pole.Then, deng county on the train of thought on construction of scenic spots and construction existing problems put forward the relevant suggestion, she emphasized that the scenic spot construction project sites face more wide, so in the implementation of the project management to strictly regulate and to rigorous practical design plan, we will strictly control on capital controls.Appeal for the scenic spot, she will be detailed comb, jointly with relevant departments to study, and make the scenic spot inverted schedule of the project, planned ahead.She believes that the scenic spot will be timely implementation of the restorative, present new look.