China tourism day Early spring horn river

May 17, 2012 6:33:08 PM    Author: labahe

Horn river scenic area in the spring in May, belatedly, a cool wind blows over endless forests, like the sea of green with gentle waves.Flowers open particularly busy, busy and same around flowers bees, butterflies, pentium horn river is brought this man's cool.The water the flower the cool and refreshing, this mountain in May, let us swimming together!Ushered in the annual China tourism day, horn river scenic area, launched the following activities:A born, 5.19-5.20, Chinese citizen id card from the ticket by himself.($58)To 2, 5.19 days to horn river tourism team has ten free tickets to a policy.Three, held in chengdu width alley on-site promotional activities, and the scene presented 50 tickets to visitors.