China (sichuan) the first forest kang have the annual meeting

Nov 16, 2015 6:26:58 PM    Author: labahe

Sponsored by sichuan provincial "China the first forest (sichuan), raising the annual meeting of the" opened on April 1, the "best of forest, keep the destination" network elected as an important part of this activity since July 6, on the Internet for 10 days of netizens to vote.Elected the "forest, keep the destination network" in the public response, the great since the network selection register since the start of the 54 units of sichuan involved, running for "best forest, keep the destination" base has 22, participate in the forest, "the most potential to raise the destination" campaign unit 32.Activities, voted to tianfu network and tianfu forest green WeChat platform two channels at the same time, in July 6-15, 10 days, a total of nearly 150000 mobile phone users to actively participate in, the total up to 1569591 votes.Network after the vote for activities, organizing committee organized some experts to discuss, on the basis of the combination of Internet voting, natural endowment of eligible unit, infrastructure, reception ability and conditions to assess, in the end, named the "jade pingshan forest resort" 10 "network elected best forest, keep the destination" and "dragon ditch it national forest park" 10 "network elect the most potential forest, keep the destination".Mountain horn river scenic area as the most potential forest, a destination for the unit, in the network selection and expert review 8 by a total of 40568, to the promotion and development of scenic areas in the future, won a good reputation.