China's landscape photography network signed two horn (mountain river scenic spots

Oct 25, 2013 11:57:30 AM    Author: labahe

China's landscape photography network "two horn (mountain river scenic spots" guest reception.Horn river scenic area adjacent to south mountain scenic area, is the giant panda, wildebeests, sichuan golden monkey, deer, dovetree provincial nature reserve, rare animals and plants is given priority to.1100-5050 meters above sea level.With a total area of 234.34 square kilometers.The ecological environment is good, keep the original style, good vegetation distribution band spectrum is complete, plant and animal species rich, rare and protected species, known zone has 206 kinds of vertebrates, belong to national key protection of rare tree species for tung, water, green tree, even there are as many as 18 kinds of incense tree, nanmu, etc, belong to one, the secondary state protection of giant pandas, wildebeests, golden monkey, leopard, green red tail pheasants, red tragopan, panda, sambar, Lin musk deer, macaque, there are as many as 32 kinds of macaques, yuanyang, etc, is rare natural gene pool of rare wild animals and plants.Welcome to Chinese landscape photography net our member holding interviews certificate "two horn (mountain river scenic spots" photography creation, scenic site photographer (holding interviews certificate) free tickets, (a retinue interview certificate can be only one person), with the vehicle with this net interview pass free parking HeTaoPing tourist reception center, to the scenic spot scenic spot to photographer (accredited journalists) board and lodging to enjoy 6.5 discount