MTE tramway construction project on the Erlang mountain scenic area

Nov 16, 2015 4:48:27 PM    Author: Labahe

April 16, 2015, at nine o'clock in the morning, the MTE Erlang scenic cableway construction project special demonstration of the impact report on Conference held in Chengdu, Xiang Yang building, which was presided over by the provincial Department of construction held, provincial heritage, the Group of experts, Chengdu city landscape design Institute, ya ' an City Council, the days of housing Housing Bureau, the unit of the Horn River Management Committee, and the cooperation of the owners to attend.

Conference by province construction Office YEUNG Kwong Deputy Director is responsible for presided over, Conference first by argument report prepared units introduced MTE ropeway construction project on Erlang landscape places district effect topic argument report of related content and the prepared description, then review experts and the related sector on "topic argument report" for has widely in-depth of discussion, province construction Office Dr Director and heritage do Zhang Director and with the experts consistent think scenic construction ropeway on Erlang landscape places district effect smaller, on scenic construction MTE ropeway by involved of environment, and vegetation, and Proposed basic requirements such as soil and water conservation, to fulfil specific requirements, experts proposed to scenic open visitors increased and ropeway transport capacity there is also equipped with various facilities to make detailed planning and response.Agreed in principle to the adoption of the "special report" unit of the submissions from this review will be modified and improved.