Horn River scenic spot construction coordination meeting

Nov 13, 2015 3:59:10 PM    Author: Labahe

To accelerate the construction of scenic spots, promoting communication and coordination between Government and enterprises, and work together to promote the relevant work, days culture days will be held June 4, 2015 16:00 Government and the separation of the two sides of our company seminars.Tianquan County party Committee Secretary Zhao Changlin, head chenshiyi, Committee member of CPC Commission for discipline inspection Gu Yujun, Deputy County magistrate Ping Deng and days traffic Bureau, environmental protection agency, captive insurance, tourism, forestry and investment promotion Bureau relevant leaders to attend the meeting, company Chairman Wang Fuqing, Huang Dajiang, General Manager, Assistant General Manager Peng Yuandong attended the meeting.

Meeting was first reported by General Manager Huang Dajiang scenic construction, then address the Chairman, the Chairman expressed gratitude for the support of Government in the scenic area in the first place, and expressed confidence in the development of scenic spots unchanged and there is sufficient financial support, the next step will be to do in the construction process of the scenic fine management, and business marketing, service, and training plans.

After hearing the company's report, County leaders said area as one of the five highlights of the post-disaster reconstruction, the Government to target the same confidence will not be reduced.Also points out that area to capture the golden period of construction in the construction process, safety management, focus, speed up the projects and promptly implement area 4 a to create a work.On the publicity front, the area could be considered at the expert packaging, using the Internet to promote.The County Government will be led by chenxianchang, address procedures, raised area of land, roads and other problems.