Nov 13, 2015 3:53:38 PM    Author: Labahe

Its starting point is located in HeTaoPing heights, the feet, or between 20 km, takes about three hours or so.Because here is animals and plants ecological home, in order to let the visitors can fully feel the original jungle of artistic conception, and also for the need of environmental protection, thus leading to the wooden footway roads are paved with gravel path, bending twists and turns, steep and narrow, so, need to transfer to the scenic spot of cross-country sightseeing car here by professional master to serve tourists friends, let us forget worry about trivial things in the bumps along the way, the excitement and joy of fully integrated into the arms of green, nature experience a different ecological forest tour.

       2.5 km, you can come to the starting point of alpine skiing, you can see all the way clear green and pentium river, even if there are so many stone block, but can't stop it's momentum.It is so urgent, kept all the way forward, forward, from time to time on a rock crystal splash, echoes the roar of the valley, as if telling it to you without the vulture ACTS the role of natural nature, it is so pure static, peaceful and carefree.

       Sightseeing car through the road paved with stones, on both sides of the mountain from the twitter of the birds and insects, collect with flowing water, play a moving piece of string.In the depths of the forest, there are many lovely creatures thrive in the meantime, they are the angel of nature, is our friends of human beings.

       Go up, the more close to the original forest, we can see trees on both sides of the road have a leisurely step, or in front of us hurry through the pheasant, also can see macaque, foraging for food in the mountains, and even meet bison road, and the lovely panda, actually they are just our mountain trumpet on behalf of the numerous animals in the river forest park.In this piece of magic beautiful trees possess in the 206 species of rare and protected animals and 68 families, 380 genera and 1500 species of vascular plants.Belong to state a secondary to protect the animals, a panda, panda, wildebeests, golden monkey, macaque, leopard, sambar and red abdominal tragopan, 32 species belong to national key protection of rare tree species are called living fossil plant kingdom dovetree and water green tree, even more than 18 kinds of incense tree, nanmu, therefore it is regarded as a natural gene bank of wild rare animals and plants.

       Dealership 40 minutes, you can reach more than 2300 meters above sea level, looking from here, is the mountainous, xiufeng lining, and bright and clean bright horn under our feet as flowing through the river, the lower the head can be seen on the hillside of a wild ox hoofprint, they usually are group activities, think they are in the foothills of the soil and water conservation forest in free life, and we are so close to them, have to sigh the harmony of man and animals, and nature is how.If the beautiful spring, here we can see the opposite the mountain big alpine rhododendron flowers are colourful, clusters, clusters, is so colorful and enchanting and moving.And watching the red leaves in autumn, here the perfect place, CengLinJinRan, beautiful.At this time of the forest has been lit red passion and romance, if you are in the valley, you can feel that he was a wipes, surrounded by layers of red, the mountains full of red leaves and let you like place oneself in the world of fairy tale.

     Then after a period of time in the entrance of the wooden footway, this also is the climax of the whole trip, here is really close to the starting point of the original forest hinterland, start from here walk 1.9 kilometers, about an hour to through the jungle, in order to export wooden footway.

      Go on are all built with wood plank road, the air smelled of washing lung butcher, the return to nature, quiet and carefree, refreshing immediately.People into the forest, dry vine old tree, intertwined, blotting out the sun shade day, although reunite the sun is shining, but from the cold, bring cool air to the person, good pack of primitive of primitive simplicity style.

      Wooden plank road through the forest, at an altitude of about 2500 meters, so here is the main distribution of mixed needle, it is given priority to with fir, hemlock, spruce, etc, they or tall, or vigorous or lowered, or the old, but without exception is their trunk is a little bit, wrapped in his green, hanging, this also is what people are calling tree.Are tree (parasitic algae), the air and altitude and high oxygen content is inseparable, it also speaks to us it is carrying the years vicissitudes of life but still calm heart of of primitive simplicity.

      Along the way will be after three observation deck, can be in here to view and take photos or a nap for a while, ready to go.

      Coming down from the third observation deck 20 meters place, there are several cattle, buffalo walking channel, they from one side of the wooden footway, to reach the other side of the jungle.Here left many hoofprint was deeply trample them, due to the often from the woods on both sides of the road through the natural formed the aisle, so we call it a cow.

      Wooden footway where giant panda protection base in the forest, the mountains here are growing on the palette can be arrested, everyone's favorite species need nutrition food -- namely, life of the giant panda is often represented here.

      To the people here will be infected by the charm of the nature, by the temperament of the primeval forest that peaceful tolerance shaking, and accompanied by friends all the way forward and wild flowers, streams, and water, the outline of an indoor beautiful picture scroll.

      Almost an hour, the wooden footway exit, an end to the unforgettable stroll in the forest, and then sat down in the return of the sightseeing car to end the forest tour.