Nov 13, 2015 3:52:52 PM    Author: Labahe

      HeTaoPing river is located in the horn and the crow magpie rivers.So to grow more wild trees.

      To HeTaoPing, the first thing you encounter is "mountain temple," temple three to serve god.Legends have a year, flash floods, the flood, the mountain god had appeared to resolve common people express gratitude temple.House before this couplet: "real lingshan mountain, the mountain feng of TV; the river is the river, everything ChengXiang horn river" is a famous calligrapher in tianquan Sue bacon teacher's masterpiece.For the understanding of the couplet, can only say that anyone guess.But this font clever float in the sky, smooth brushwork, ink, pen and, in the vicissitudes feeling heavy, of primitive simplicity.The god is behind the park forest management stations.There are many trees around the station.Walnut is a kind of tall deciduous trees, branches thick and large, walnut fruit can be eaten, has a very high tonic.Here high pecan, vibrant, leafy, due to the reason of climate, fruit large kernel.A station that is HeTaoPing integrated resort manor, here to eat, drink, live and play won't be a problem.Here or wild monkeys often concern, after the meal, and see the mountains, green trees, play play flow streams, teasing wild monkey, let your true feelings, the human and the nature, the harmonious coexistence of people and animals.

       Warm summer HeTaoPing tree-lined, breeze, is very cool, the slightest do not feel the heat of summer, is the summer, play a good place.