Nov 13, 2015 3:52:06 PM    Author: Labahe

      Silver hole sea scenic area including the redwoods, hole, hole of gold silver hole sea scenic spot.Starting from life is music hotel, about 15 minutes then can enter the silver sea scenic spot hole.

    Silver greenhouse is digging the silver to stay in front of cave.The silver named about more than ten metres deep.In tunnel hole is steep.Silver hole in the sea is a located in mountain lake, 2300 meters above sea level, called it a "sea", is called as opposed to a "LuChi".

    Legend led by prof yeung holes of migrant workers take silver day, migrant workers fatigue due to work day and night, when water is very few, the thirst, many people fell down.Prof yeung see in the eye, nasty in the heart, one thousand party hundreds of migrant workers and scrambled to water, can high mountain road far, hard to water, watching migrant workers in disease that he worried.One night, however, prof yeung burning incense wishing on a heaven: if it rain, he had made to the silver all among migrant workers, one you.May be the sincerity moved by god, prof yeung air suddenly the wind YunYong, thunder and lightning.Kung fu soon to rain cats and dogs.Workers who have cheered, excited, ran into the rain wash away the dust, but I did not think a miraculously restored to health.Night, prof yeung decided to let the children of migrant workers in building a dam, stop water, at the same time accept the rain.This is the silver hole on the sea now.

     Silver hole near sea mountains, tree-lined, the lake there is a small pavilion, of primitive simplicity style, dao.Here, watching the lake, the water sparkling, reflecting the sky, trees, mountain, acne, trance is blurred, is invigorating.Especially the silver sea hole in the morning, wrapped in the heavy fog, like a celestial jade pool, quiet, diffuse, mysterious.Enjoy the most is to take a boat to the lake fishing, not only can feel peace and harmony on the lake, mountains and beautiful;The joy of also can enjoy the pleasure of boating, fishing.In the secret of the mountain there is a king named, more than 40 meters, wild monkey also haunts looking for food here and hilarious chase.In the pavilion can clearly see their every move.

    Starting from silver hole in the sea, walk about 700 meters of stone path to the redwoods.In this area are quiet, beautiful scenery, cool wind through body, birds chirp.Afforestation, because all sequoia redwoods is the name.Hits the sequoia tall, quiet, quiet.Spring, the thousand trees have hair, let a person feel strong vitality;Summer, green leaves, colorful the slightest do not feel the heat of summer;Autumn, Chinese fir leaves blowing, quickly to the ground covered with a thick layer;Winter, is the snow heaven and earth, but it can see the footprints of the deer are mixed and disorderly.In the woods with stone, stone table, for visitors to rest and recreation.Tired of sitting on the bench, playing CARDS, eat snacks, listen to birds, and in the nature and enjoy nature bring us the harmony and peace.About gold silver hole, hole, it is a wonderful story background, not explanation one by one, waiting for you to find one by one, also feel their mystery and great.