Nov 13, 2015 3:50:30 PM    Author: Labahe

    LuChi at an altitude of 2400 meters with a relatively flat terrain hillside, is a countryside nearly 10 acres of mountain lakes.Named after the deep wild deer often in the water.

       Starting from the HeTaoPing, can reach LuChi about half an hour.LuChi drink LuTing, lead LuTing, implicit LuTing and around the lake tourism channel, bridge.The pavilion is built of wood octagonal pavilion.The whole LuChi surrounded by woods, forest has experienced hundreds of years of weathering and vibrant hemlock.Around the lake tourism channel winding, circuitous depth, winding path leading to a secluded spot, quiet and tastefully laid out and Lin is hidden in the woods.At the moment, trees, green mountains, blue sky, white clouds, reflection in the clear LuChi blurred, make I left two characters.Continuous streams of sound reverberated in the mountains, but don't know its origin.In this, from the hustle and bustle of the city and nervous, feeling LuChi bring deep and green, a nature to bring peace and harmony.In the evening, deer often concern here, in this habitat, drinking water.LuChi landscape has changed with different seasons.Spring, mountain azalea flowers blooming, trees smoke a sprout, vibrant, safflower full mountain, green colours;Summer, blue sky blue mountain, green trees, colorful reflected in the water, is really, in the pool a mountain, in the pool with trees, in the pool and day;Autumn, red leaves, yellow leaves all over the sky, CengLinJinRan;Winter, snow, snow mountains, just like in the fairy tale world.Four seasons LuChi, bring different feeling, is the so-called "four different" scene.